Skill Levels

All Levels

Workshop content will benefit dancers at all levels.

Level 1 (Beginner Crash Course)

No previous experience necessary. This is an introductory level track. Includes classes on Saturday only.

Level 2

Dancer should have at least a few months experience and be comfortable with the basics at medium tempos. Swing Outs, tuck turns, sugar pushes, and basic charleston should all be familiar to you while you learn to integrate 6 and 8 count patterns. You are ready to add more variations to your repertoire.

Level 3

Dancer has been dancing for over a year and is comfortable with medium to fast tempos. Your Swing Out continues to improve and you are starting to add your own personality.The trust relationship between partner’s connection is dawning on you. The Texas Tommy, Footwork variations, tandem charleston, hand-to-hand charleston, shorty george, apple jacks, tacky annies, equal and opposite, and counterbalance, should be terms that you are familiar with. The dancer should also have an understanding of the importance of outside exposure, travel, and different dance styles, perhaps having already traveled or at least attended a locally hosted regional or national event.

Level 4

Dancers have a few years of experience. Dancer should be familiar with traditional moves. Now is the time to begin to understand how the dance and the music relate and interact. Fast Tempos up to 220bpm should be accessible to the dancer. Dancer is starting to think about dance more theoretically and is finding their personal style. Connection is important in your dance because it creates that trust between you and your partner. You also know that connection is not simple but complex, consisting of points of connection, strength of the connection, direction of the connection, and more. Concepts of movement and musicality should have dawned on the dancer as well as the ability to improvise, very simple moves to create interesting movements as well as footwork flourishes. Dancer is comfortable with Lindy Hop variations and combinations, 20s Charleston, 30s Charleston, Tandem Charleston, Hand to Hand Charleston and has been exposed to the other swing dances, including balboa, shag and vintage jazz steps.

Level 5

Dancers have been dancing for several years. Dance theory and concepts are important to the advanced dancer. Dancer should be comfortable with musicality and movement concepts. No tempo frightens you. Creativity and expression on the floor is what you are looking for in your dances. Dancer has traveled and learned from a variety of teachers in a variety of places. Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Blues all have an interest to you and you work them into your dances as the music moves you. You understand that the fundamentals are key to this dance — maybe even having revamped your swing out several times already.