CJC500 Team Scholarship

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Thank you for your interest in the Heartland Swing Festival & Collegiate Jitterbug Championships! The Des Moines Swing Dance Scene is excited to host the battle for the Cutters’ Cup again in 2017. This is the sixth year that scholarships will be awarded to eligible swing dance teams. We are excited to see this number grow by offering the CJC500 Team Scholarship.

The funds for this scholarship were made possible by the passion and hard work of the members of the Heartland Swing Festival (HSF) Committee. They are committed to supporting their peers in their pursuit to grow as dancers and promoters of Swing dance and Jazz music. Only US Amateur teams outside a 500-mile radius of Des Moines, IA are eligible to apply for the annual $500 scholarship. Special consideration will be given to collegiate teams. The scholarship must be used for registration fees in the team’s initial year.

The ideal CJC500 Team scholarship winner will be one who has put forth effort to promote vintage swing dancing, shown leadership in their swing dance scene, and makes the growth of swing dance awareness and education a priority. For full details, download the scholarship application.


  1. Download the application by filling out the form to the right or send a request to: info@heartlandswingfestival.com to have one emailed to you.
  2. Answer all essay questions
  3. Include materials that show examples of your team as a leader in promoting vintage swing dance. (fliers, newspaper articles or links)
  4. Completed applications are due in the Heartland Swing Festival office or received by email by February 17th, 2017.